Denbighshire Council

The VisionTime system seamlessly manages diverse working time arrangements at the Welsh Local Authority, taking full advantage of MultiTime’s 35 years experience in the field.

Council leads the way with innovative working time arrangements

VisionTime system supports new Agile Working scheme

Denbighshire Council in North Wales had been using the VisionTime system from MultiTime for some years.  Now working together the Council and MultiTime has moved the context to an even further innovative position.

This is called “Open Scheduling” which is based on Agile working principles.

Indeed,  Conwy Council,  in the nearest Local Authority area to Denbighshire, has now also implemented “Open Scheduling” for its 1,800 staff. VisionTime is furthermore in use in 500 sites in the UK, Ireland and Holland including many local, central government and private sector bodies.


  • To accommodate and simplify the management of increasingly diverse work time arrangements
  • To increase accountability
  • To reduce admin costs re work time

Why MulTiTime

  • Local authority expertise
  • Leader in market
  • Excellent references


  • Enhanced view of working time and location arrangements with streamlined administering
  • Better local accountability, automated processes and speedier interactions between staff and managers
  • Less costs in term of time management

Open scheduling Solution – what way does it work?

Though Flexible Working is by definition “flexible”, Open Scheduling is even more so.  So Open Scheduling could be described as being Flexible Working for this millennium.

Flexible Working uses time bands within the working day when the employee needs or is expected to be at work e.g. between 8.00 and 19.00.

By comparison, Open Scheduling allows for

  • Employees working within much wider daily time bands
  • New scope and potential in how the working week, month, year and work locations, can be agreed and then managed

To support this, MultiTime has redesigned the VisionTime system with innovative new features and controls.  This is particularly true around how the employee records time and locations.

Thus, for instance, new easy to use on-screen clocking functions now appear for the employee to select in order that he/she can manage their working time arrangements and notify working locations. Ask for more details.


1500 employees of the Council now use the VisionTime system, available with a Welsh language option, in it’s multiple local areas in Ruthin – Boddlewyddan – Prestatyn – Rhyll and Denbigh with the result that:- .

  • The Council can better cope with the increasing diversity of working time arrangements which are becoming the norm in today’s workplace.
  • VisionTime brings an easy to use method of self-service to the running the working time scheme.  Staff input their own updates to time and absence records while Supervisors sign these off electronically. 
  • The VT Who’s In? programme gives real time access to who is in or out. This can be used by employees and their managers, reception staff and/or the health & safety function.   

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