London Borough of Lewisham

VisionTime System supports passenger transport service for vulnerable adults & children with special needs.

London Borough of Lewisham –  Passenger Service

VisionTime System supports passenger transport service for vulnerable adults & children with special needs

No service can guarantee that all staff will always be available on every day. However, the impact of the non-availability of specialist staff at the London Borough of Lewisham’s Passenger Service facility, can reach an unusual number of different parties in it’s own workplace and in the wider community. This is from the school teacher needing to start classes, to the mum, dad & child and then later in the day, the vulnerable adult. The requirement, therefore at LB Lewisham’s Passenger Services facility was for an attendance system which could support a “joined-up” approach – because:

  • This service is a fast moving one -with an extremely short window of time each morning when all of the staff need to be in place and on vehicles.
  • There’s a complex web of critical staff skills of individualised a. caring-specific and b. vehicle-oriented considerations.

In short, the staff allocation needs to be precise and the transport on its way, quickly.

System assists Council with vital Social Commitments


  • To improve service reliability for Mums, Dads, Children & Adult passengers and Teachers
  • Highlight late or non-arrival of staff in real time and upcoming jobs on TV displays
  • To quickly allocate replacements

Why MultiTime?

  • Trusted government supplier for 30 years
  • Willingness to be innovative
  • Easy to deploy and use


  • Improved responsive service while removing stress points for users
  • Who’s at work and schedules available for all to see at same time
  • Easy to match vital skills and allocate replacements
  • Ability to record working time and annual leave

How Does the system work?

Employees record attendance at VisionTime terminals. The system then highlights the following in real-time on PCs and large wall mounted TV screens:-

– each staff member’s duties for that day in a clear, easy to understand format

– which employees have/have not checked in to work

Changes are conveyed instantly on TV screens with special messages or instructions shown when needed

By using the easy skills match programme in VisionTime, an alternate and appropriate bus driver or Special Needs Attendant can immediately be allocated.

Information is displayed like at monitors used in Airport Arrival/Departure lounges

The system helps to keep the service to run on schedule.

“We are very pleased with the VisionTime system.  Staff can instantly view their work schedules with any critical changes posted in real-time for the day.  Managers have an up-to- date, visual check on staff and the work schedule at all times.  By staff now ‘clocking’ in & out of their shifts, savings are being reflected in overtime payments. The addition of recording annual leave has been a bonus.”

Steve Marsh, London Borough of Lewisham

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