Land Registry PRAI

The Land Registry PRAI has used a system from MultiTime since it first introduced flexible working.

The Authority has used our system since it first introduced flexible working.  One characteristic of the Department is that it works towards the demands of the property market. So the greater the movement in the Housing market, the more pressure there is on their expert staff.  As many have specialist skills, it is not simple to quickly react through a pure recruitment methods. So efficient attendance management, which allows for built-in flexibilities, is a key component in handling workload.

In the latest upgrade, it was decided to implement VisionTime. The system allows staff to key in/out at their own PC’s, view own reports, manage Flexi, Overtime and Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) arrangements and submit their adjustment applications “on-line” to their Local Managers.

All staff at the Department’s H.Q. in the historic Four Courts complex, can access the system from their desks, thereby benefitting from this move to a fully “Web” enabled system.   Staff can now avail of several personal reports highlighting such information as:-

 time balances, holidays taken/left, any absences/anomalies that occur and access to  several more beneficial reports.


  • To manage increasingly diverse Flexitime, Overtime and TOIL arrangements while increasing accountability
  • To better mange varying workload
  • To reduce admin costs re working time

Why MultiTime

  • 36 years of Civil Service experience
  • Leader in market
  • Excellent references


  • better match in staffing levels to workload.
  • Increased and speedier interaction between staff and managers
  • Less costs for time management

The Background:

Since 1892 property registration has been managed by the Land Registry – now the PRAI.   Along the way, management & staff at the Department has built up specialist skills in their work.  The VisionTime system’s capabilities for managing complex flexible working and mixed with overtime and TOIL arrangements, has afforded the Authority an ability to better match staffing levels to its variations in workload.

Overall, the system automatically recognises – differing flexi carryovers, diverse flexi periods, overtime, time in lieu values, any “shape” of day – and for each person, if necessary.


The Authority set as a requirement that the system should be able to record overtime but within a flexi concept. This is to produce a file for their Payroll Department to process.

The VisionTime system provides unique “Flexi/ Over time/ TOIL” functionality. Therefore, at the time points in a working day when flexi time and over time overlap, the employee going onto overtime just selects a function button, which then does the swap. The employee is immediately taken off his/her flexi recording and put onto overtime recording – subject, to supervisory permissions which are set in the system. Furthermore, employees can record TOIL – Time Off In Lieu Hours.  For this there is a further swapping functionality whereby employees can request to swap time between the three types of built-up time i.e. Flexi, Overtime, TOIL.  This brings an inherent capability to balance working time with tasks at hand.

Up to 1,000 employees now use the VisionTime system, in multiple locations. Thus the Department can better cope with the increasing diversity of working time arrangements, while seamlessly matching them to varying levels to workload.

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