Solas (formerly FÁS) the Authority has introduced electronic time keeping for Trainees at government training courses.

Solas Uses MultiTime for Classroom Attendance

Solas (formerly FÁS) is Ireland’s Further Education & Training Authority, providing highly valued training programmes, aimed at employers, employees and unemployed people.

The Authority has introduced electronic time keeping for Trainees at government training courses. The system is now being used by 4,500 Trainees per quarter on courses managed by Instructors at Solas. This was extended to also cater for all external courses being run by Training companies.


  • To manage the attendance of up to 20,000 trainees annually
  • To reduce admin costs
  • To avoid repetition of inputs

Why MultiTime?

  • 30 years of Public Service experience
  • Leader in market
  • Excellent references


  • Increased employer/trainee confidence that training programmes can aim at workplace engagement
  • Improves employer’s view of trainee’s readiness to enter workplace
  • Speedier payroll processes


Because of the reasonably short nature of the courses, there is a huge turnover of trainees using the system, over 20,000 trainees annually and with 150,000 users since the system began, making this one of the largest time and attendance projects in Europe. for example:

– Up to 500 trainees in session, on any one day in each of the 18 centres.

– Courses are usually up to 3 months.

The Class Room Attendance system runs over the Solas network.  Trainees are required to swipe in each morning (or if he/she forgets card the Pin pad is used) at convenient Time Terminals connected back to a single server over the Solas intranet centrally located.

Instructors & Admin staff have direct access to time/absence records of students and to instantly see who is in/out, irrespective of their physical location in the network.


It was important for Solas (FAS) that duplication of data input could be avoided between the organisations other system and VisionTime.  We therefore set up several inward and outwards links e.g. between VisionTime and pay, HR systems:


Solas continuously improves the management of government training schemes. Equally, the employee and the employer need to have confidence that the training process can aim at workplace engagement.

One way to satisfy this this aim is to have a good method of dealing with attendance issues. Thus, a major focus is on avoiding anything which can result in:

  1. Effecting the level of the Trainee’s potential
  2. An impact on the employer’s view of Trainee and his/her readiness to enter their workplace

The Class Room Attendance system provides a fair and impartial method of confirming what Trainee attendance levels are. This is while also ensuring that their wage payments are capable of being calculated efficiently and on time.

Instructors can check on Trainee attendance at local PCs. The calculated data at the end of each week provides the hours on which the trainees are paid. Once approved by the supervisor an electronic file is transferred to payroll system at Solas.


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