University of Birmingham

Multitime provides the University with solution for Staff Time & Attendance and Car Park Payments.

The VisionTime system is used for Time & Attendance and Car Park Payments.


The University had a multiplicity of systems. A major requirement was for technology to bring various technical and functional strands together. Therefore, the University wanted an integrated solution to:

  • manage increasingly diverse working time arrangements accross faculties
  • automate Car Park Charges for Staff
  • reduce admin costs

Why MultiTime

  • 35 years experience
  • Leader in market
  • Excellent references


With same plastic card Staff now record time, pay parking charges at the University’s car parks, and gain access to buildings.

Time & Attendance

  • Those who use the system for flexitime purposes can clock at their own PCs, where they can look up time and holiday records.
  • All updates to flexitime and absence records are now submitted by staff and then signed off by supervisors through on-line forms.
  • for hourly paid employees, The system captures time data for payroll purposes and schedules their shifts and clocking is at time terminals. VisionTime calculates the many and varied time rules in use at the University e.g. Shift Arrangements, Meal & Tea Breaks, Varying O/T Rules and TOIL [Time Bank], Lateness, Grace Rounding.

The automation available in VisionTime also saves much time for administrators, coupled with the trend analysis output. So it’s now much easier to manage flex work records, absence data & time data needed for paying employees.

Staff Car Park Payment Management

5,000 staff have daily use of the Multitime’s Car Park Charge System.  Employees insert cards at  the Gallagher Access /Car Park Barriers.  The transactions are sent to Multitime’s Car Park Charge System – later automatically deducting an appropriate charge from the employee’s salary.

The Car Park Charge system has several advantages:  

  • No cash needed & safer for staff
  • The elimination of coin collection/ counting; vandalism to “pay & displays”;
  • Payment to Security Cos for the cash collect
  • The regulation of scarce parking spaces
  • Auto-charging to employee’s salary


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