Z Workspace - Desk Booking

An innovative solution that helps organisations book and manage its workspaces easily and efficiently, in the ever-evolving hybrid working environment. Employees can book desks, workstations, meeting rooms, even parking spaces, in a simple and intuitive way, and managers can monitor and measure their use.

  • WEB and MOBILE: the solution is completely web based, and is available on mobile devices, with apps for bookings and check-in / check-out.

Hybrid Workspace Management

Z Workspace offers a new way of managing facilities and spaces, with more dynamic and flexible organisational and technological models, aimed at optimising the management of people and work environments. It is a complete software and hardware system, with specific functions across the organisation, for Facility Managers, IT Managers, and the Logistics and the HR Departments.

  • Flexible: Z Workspace is easy to use, has an intuitive graphical user interface and a flexible structure, with menus, views and printouts.

In combination with the VisionTime system, Z Workspace allows for a truly comprehensive real-time hybrid management experience between home and office - measuring and monitoring working time and attendance in a workflow and booking facilities such as desks, which can support the needs both of employees and managers.


With health and safety at the forefront, managers can survey and define the costs of the workspaces and facilities (workstations, desks, car parks, meeting rooms). They can combine them with specific groups of users authorised to book them and assign them according to activity type.


At any time and wherever you are, thanks to the mobile app, you can manage bookings of rooms, desks and other facilities, either as a supervisor user or in self-service mode, if you are an employee. You can also book the related services and supporting equipment (catering, projectors, whiteboards, sundry materials). Bookings can be viewed and managed with check-in and check-out functions, via calendar, QR code and NFC tags.


Specific monitors positioned in the company spaces let users check whether a room or a workstation is free or occupied, also providing support in providing directions and guiding people inside the building. The software has reports and indicators to monitor performance and let management initiate faster decision-making processes and make strategic analyses, to keep organisational costs under control and optimally manage real estate resources.

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